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#tbt do meu último pôr do sol nesse lugar que foi meu lar nos últimos 17 meses, que me trouxe tanto auto conhecimento, me acolheu com suas paisagens de tirar o fôlego e tantas aventuras com pessoas queridas. Não tenho palavras pra descrever a gratidão que sinto pela oportunidade não só profissional, mas principalmente pessoal. Agora, a caminho de casa, penso o quanto essa experiência me fez evoluir e isso sem perder minha essência e a certeza de onde venho. Só tenho a agradecer. Terrinha, família e amigos, estou chegando na área com o coração quentinho de estar de volta.

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SAVE THIS POST for useful information on how to explore Switzerland and maximize your budget in the most expensive country in the world to visit!
If you remember one thing from this post, make it this! Whenever you’re traveling to a country in Europe with a great rail system, you will save yourself a lot of hassle, money, and time (not to mention maximize safety in many cases) in getting around if you book a hotel near the train station!
Switzerland is known as having a very sophisticated and efficient public transportation structure!

Recommended transportation
Train: “Swiss Federal Railways” (SBB)
Travel cards and tickets: —
Most economic way to travel by train in Switzerland: Buy a Swiss Travel Pass available to non-residents!
About the pass
*covers unlimited travel by train, boat, bus, public transport
*# of consecutive travel days: 3, 4, 8, or 15 days
*Free Entrance to more than 500 museums
For attractions that are included as well as purchase options, go to
About this picture
Location: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Do you see the little Swiss flag at the top?
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Haz más de eso que te hace feliz 💫 .
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Swiss Made Life App decodes and reads also promotions from different providers and companies. Currencies associated with the app: ARS, AUD, BRL, GBP, CAD, CNY, EUR, HKD, INR, RUB, SGD, CHF, USD & JPY.

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Banknotes are like advertising flyers: they are printed and already distributed.

Banknotes include additional information from the Swiss tourism industry, gastronomy and other categories of various Swiss service providers and companies. Our Swiss Made Life App gives you free access to this information.

The banknote scan forwards you to the most special places and to the best offers you should not miss. In addition, you can always benefit from special offers or take part in competitions – all that things you can’t find on the web.

How to?

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We store and collect time and date of the scan + currency + the URL called up. We need this data to be able to collect statistics about the use of the app. That’s it.


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