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Get stright to Swiss hotels, restaurants, bars & clubs.
Discover, visit and book events, tours and places of excursions & sights. Learn more about health & beauty offer in Switzerland. Visit also online shops with Swiss Made products only.

Free of any personal data collection – connected via augmented reality

Become an insider!

Consider the Swiss Made Life App as your personal insider app for Switzerland. Now you have access to ten useful categories of knowledge concerning Switzerland. You will be redirected to places and products you might otherwise overlook when searching for them on the Internet.

Some very good offers get lost in the huge amount of websites. You will hardly find these offers!

Swiss Made Life App contains the best from Switzerland. So you can always find the best provider – without a long search on the Internet. Every participant is always at the top of the list. This means that you always deal only with the best service providers from: hotels, airbnb, meat & fish, vegetarian & vegan, bars & clubs, events & concerts, places of interest, tours, beauty & health and also from online shopping – Swiss Made products only!

Just give it a try. It’s worth it.

Quite simply: money connects!

Banknotes are like advertising flyers: they are printed and already distributed.

Banknotes include additional information from the Swiss tourism industry, gastronomy and other categories of various Swiss service providers and companies. Our Swiss Made Life App gives you free access to this information. The banknote scan forwards you to the most special places and to the best offers you should not miss. In addition, you can always benefit from special offers or take part in competitions – all that things you can’t find on the web.

Discover everything you want: quickly and without revealing your search behavior. From now on you consume advertising as entertainment and consciously. You won’t be shown anything you don’t want to see. That’s why.

What interests you the most?

It’s as simple as that:


1. Download the app.
2. Select your favorite category, such as:
Sleep, Eat, Entertain, Discover & Business
3. Scan banknotes and enjoy!

First things first

You get to all offers that only interest you without revealing your preferences. We do not collect any personal data. Your data is none of our business and remains untouched and with you. If you install the app, we just want to be able to use your camera of your mobile or tablet.

We store and collect time and date of the scan + currency + the URL called up.
We need this data to be able to collect statistics about the use of the app and to be able to charge our customers, who sponsor some scans, for a binding number of insertions of their links/advertising texts. That’s it.

  • Grab a true value behind each banknote
  • Play whenever you want
  • No fees, always free of charge

Swiss Made Life App decodes and reads also promotions from different providers and companies. Currencies associated with the app: ARS, AUD, BRL, GBP, CAD, CNY, EUR, HKD, INR, RUB, SGD, CHF, USD & JPY.


These Swiss entrepreneurs are shaping Switzerland. Enjoy some snapshots from the Swiss way of life. The direct connection to many of the Swiss companies, places and people shown on Instagram is obtained by using the Swiss Made Life App. Use the app and get the added value of information about Switzerland!

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